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What is UL certification of terminal blocks_ What are UL certified terminal standards and requirements


UL is the abbreviation of the English name "UnderwriterLaboratories Inc". It is the most authoritative organization in the United States and also a professional organization engaged in safety testing and identification in the world.
The UL certification of terminal blocks refers to the terminal blocks that have passed the UL safety test.
Why should terminals be UL certified
In fact, UL certification is not only the certification of terminal blocks, but also a test standard for commodities, which is also applicable to other commodities.
UL certification is the creation and testing of the national commodity safety standard in the United States. It not only provides commodity testing standards for the electronic wire industry, but also conducts functional tests on thousands of industrial commodities. In the United States, UL certification is one of the important testing conditions for the import of goods, and also one of the important references for American consumers to recognize and trust the goods. It has an irreplaceable effect, especially in the terminal line industry. If the terminal block has lead PVC insulation, it is a chemical substance harmful to the environment and everyone's body, and UL will specifically detect this substance. The UL standard not only has a binding and standard effect on the terminal industry, but also has an insignificant effect on the healthy development of the entire international trade and shopping malls.
What are the common UL standards for terminal blocks
Generally, UL standards for terminal blocks include UL1977, UL1059, UL2459, UL486, etc.
The applicable standards are different for different structures and purposes.
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