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What are the precautions for terminal selection and use


Nowadays, the terminal block is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which can also be said to be produced for convenient connection and is divided into the category of connector in industry. What are the precautions for terminal selection and use? The following is a detailed introduction to Hengzhuneng.
What are the precautions for terminal selection
The selection of appropriate terminal blocks should not only be based on the terminal brand and price, but also include its use environment, space, connection area and other aspects.
On the terminal brand
It is necessary to understand the production process of the manufacturer of pcb terminals, and also to determine the technical and professional competitiveness and price positioning of the manufacturer. Only in this way can we determine which manufacturer is more worthy of selection and avoid being deceived by blind selection.
In the use environment
Environmental factor is one of the most important reference factors, for example, the terminal of high temperature resistant material should be selected under high temperature environment. Terminals with excellent moisture-proof performance are required in cold and wet environments, and terminals with insulating materials resistant to acid and alkali are required in diacid and alkali environments.
On the installation space
The size of installation space limits the selection of products under certain conditions, and only smaller terminals can be selected in narrow spaces.
On the wiring area
The wiring area is also an important factor that affects the selection of terminals. For example, if the area of the cable is 2.5 square meters, do we actually choose 2.5 square meters or larger terminals? In fact, in many cases, we need to choose terminals with a wiring area greater than 2.5 square meters, because in the actual use process, we need to use not only direct wiring, but also some accessories to assist wiring, For example, cold pressed terminals, SC terminals, etc., the actual wiring area will be larger than the cable area.
In addition, high voltage and high current may be generated at the moment of circuit disconnection, so this factor should also be taken into account when selecting terminal blocks.

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