2022-11-21 21:28

Introduction to model and wiring mode of fence type terminal block


Fence type terminal blocks, as a type of terminal blocks, are also called fence type terminal blocks because of some fences on the surface. At present, it is widely used in automatic control, LED power supply and other fields.
Introduction to model and wiring mode of fence type terminal block
According to the spacing, it can be divided into: 6.8mm, 7.62mm, 8.6mm, etc;
Plastic material: insulating shell, made of UL94V-0 raw materials;
Rated working voltage/current: 250V/15A;
Temperature range of shell material: - 40 ℃~200 ℃;
Withstand voltage/current (VAC/min A/S): 2500/500;
Insulation resistance/contact resistance: > 500m Ω/> 20m Ω;
Wiring mode: connect the cold pressed end of the pre insulated sleeve and fix it with screws;
Wiring torque (Nm): 0.5~0.6;
The above is the introduction of the model and connection method of the fence type terminal. Users who need it here can consult the online customer service personnel of Zhiheng Zhuonang. The manufacturer sells it directly, and it is cheap and good!

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