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Introduction to screw type pcb terminal - features, models and prices


Introduction of screw type pcb terminals
The pcb wiring terminal, also known as the "printed circuit board wiring terminal", is generally a kind of accessory product to realize the electrical connection. The wiring terminal used for the electrical connection of the printed circuit board is called the PCB wiring terminal or PCB connector in the industry, also known as the "printed circuit board". Related reading: pcb terminal classification and application scenarios
Screw type pcb terminal blocks, as a type of terminal blocks, are designed with cross recessed screws to make the connection more secure.
Characteristics of screw type pcb terminals
1. High flame retardant grade
The insulating shell is made of UL94 V-0 grade raw materials, flame retardant and fireproof, halogen-free and phosphorus free, and does not produce toxic gases.
2. Convenient and fast operation structure
The use of plus or minus slot screws makes it easier to choose a screwdriver. Whether it is an ordinary screwdriver or an electric screwdriver, it can be easily and quickly used for wiring operations.
3. Anti vibration design
The screw is designed according to the self-locking principle, and will not loosen under the vibration environment.
4. Lead free environmental "green" connection
The product meets RoHS environmental requirements.
5. Reliable weldability
The prismatic weld leg is convenient to insert into the welding hole, is conducive to the rise of the welding liquid, and has high weldability.
6. Excellent electrical and environmental performance
The metal parts are made of high-quality copper alloy, with low contact resistance, good surface treatment and strong corrosion resistance.
Screw type pcb terminal model

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