2022-11-14 10:08

Introduction to model and wiring mode of fence type terminal block


Fence type terminal blocks, as a type of terminal blocks, are also called fence type terminal blocks because of some fences on the surface. Now widely used

The price of PCB terminals depends on its brand and quantity. The price ranges from a few cents to tens of yuan. The price of specific models and needle pitch terminals can be referred to Hengzhuo for customer service!

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What is the price of PCB terminals

Nowadays, pcb terminals are widely used in lighting, elevator control, instrumentation, power supply, chemistry and automotive power. Price is a question that we will carefully consider when purchasing.

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What is the power terminal and how to connect it?

Power supply terminal block refers to the terminal block used on the drive power supply, while the widely used power supply terminal block is the fence type terminal block.

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